Unlock VIP Treatment with the $20 Trick.

Try to get complimentary hotel room upgrades in Las Vegas using the $20 Dollar Trick.

Are you looking for a way to score some great deals on hotels in Las Vegas? If so, you should consider taking advantage of the famous $20 Dollar Trick. This popular technique can help you save money on your stay and get great upgrades. Let’s break down how the $20 Trick works and which hotels offer the best success rate.

Best Hotels for the $20 Trick


Best Overall

$20 Trick at Palazzo

Palazzo in Las Vegas is an opulent Italian-inspired hotel located on the iconic Strip, where couples can enjoy luxurious amenities and a romantic getaway.

Caesars Palace

Best Location

$20 Trick at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is renowned for its opulent luxury and grandeur, boasting world-class dining, entertainment, and amenities fit for a Roman emperor.

Treasure Island

Best Price

$20 Trick at Treasure Island

Treasure Island in Las Vegas is a budget-friendly hotel on the Las Vegas Strip offering entertainment, restaurants, and bars.

More Las Vegas Hotels

  • $20 Trick at Aria


    Success Rate: 50%

  • $20 Trick at Bellagio


    Success Rate: 80%

  • $20 Trick at Caesars Palace

    Caesars Palace

    Success Rate: 90%

  • $20 Trick at Circus Circus

    Circus Circus

    Success Rate: 85%

  • $20 Trick at Cosmopolitan


    Success Rate: 55%

  • $20 Trick at Delano


    Success Rate: 88%

  • $20 Trick at Encore


    Success Rate: 77%

  • $20 Trick at Excalibur


    Success Rate: 82%

  • $20 Trick at Flamingo


    Success Rate: 80%

  • $20 Trick at Harrah's


    Success Rate: 78%

  • $20 Trick at Horseshoe


    Success Rate: 86%

  • $20 Trick at Luxor


    Success Rate: 72%

  • $20 Trick at Mandalay Bay

    Mandalay Bay

    Success Rate: 74%

  • $20 Trick at MGM Grand

    MGM Grand

    Success Rate: 55%

  • $20 Trick at Mirage


    Success Rate: 84%

  • $20 Trick at New York New York

    New York New York

    Success Rate: 61%

  • $20 Trick at Palazzo


    Success Rate: 90%

  • $20 Trick at Paris Las Vegas

    Paris Las Vegas

    Success Rate: 82%

  • $20 Trick at Park MGM

    Park MGM

    Success Rate: 52%

  • $20 Trick at Planet Hollywood

    Planet Hollywood

    Success Rate: 88%

  • $20 Trick at Resorts World

    Resorts World

    Success Rate: 50%

  • $20 Trick at Sahara


    Success Rate: 80%

  • $20 Trick at The Cromwell

    The Cromwell

    Success Rate: 70%

  • $20 Trick at The LINQ

    The LINQ

    Success Rate: 75%

  • $20 Trick at The STRAT

    The STRAT

    Success Rate: 55%

  • $20 Trick at Treasure Island

    Treasure Island

    Success Rate: 90%

  • $20 Trick at Tropicana


    Success Rate: 86%

  • $20 Trick at Vdara


    Success Rate: 75%

  • $20 Trick at Venetian


    Success Rate: 85%

  • $20 Trick at Wynn


    Success Rate: 85%

What is the $20 Trick?

The $20 Trick has been used for many years as a way to get extra perks and upgrades from hotels at check-in. Those that take a chance may be rewarded with upgraded suites, complimentary food, and drink, or other amenities.

The success of this trick widely varies depending on which hotel you choose – some are more generous than others. Therefore, it is important to do proper research before taking a chance with the $20 Trick. As luck and timing come into play, there is no guarantee of success or particular results; however many have seen great benefit in giving this trick a try.

Does the $20 Trick work?

The $20 Trick has been around for quite some time, but does it really work? The answer may depend on your destination. Many budget-friendly hotels in Las Vegas have been known to accept tips of $20 in exchange for upgraded rooms, which can be a great deal — if you can find one that takes the $20 Tip.

However, not all hotels offer this service and tipping won’t always guarantee an upgrade either. To get the most out of your $20 Tip experience, do some research ahead of time to find out which hotels are likely to accept tips and manage your expectations accordingly. That way, if you’re lucky enough to get an upgraded room with your $20 Tip, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

How to do the $20 Trick

The $20 Trick is a simple yet effective way to score free upgrades at hotels. All you have to do is slip a $20 bill between your ID and credit card when checking in, then ask if any complimentary upgrades are available. Many travelers have had success with this technique, although they must be polite and persistent if they want to maximize their chances of an upgrade.

It’s also a good idea to check in late at night, as that’s when the front desk staff are less busy and more likely to give you an upgrade. Of course, not all hotels offer free upgrades, but the $20 Trick can be worth a try if you’re looking for somewhere special for your next staycation.


The $20 Trick of Las Vegas has been a long-standing tradition that always seems to spark many conversations. For years, people have heard rumors and speculation around the idea that $20 is offered up to certain personnel in exchange for things like room upgrades or discounts. The truth is, yes, it’s real – but it has changed over time. With less competition on The Strip, as well as $20 is worth less due to inflation, the $20 Trick is not what it used to be. Many hotels are now trying new methods of customer enticement such as reduced-price room packages instead of the $20 Trick. Some may still be able to get lucky and make use of the 20 Dollar Trick when checking into their hotel; however, opportunities are not nearly what they were in the past.

For those looking to sweeten up their Vegas stay, the $20 Trick may be a worthwhile endeavor. Essentially, one hands $20 to the hotel front desk and politely requests an upgraded room with various amenities. Although this approach is said to work at many different hotels across Las Vegas, some are more likely to comply than others. For instance, The Venetian and Palazzo have proved quite successful for $20 Trick-ers. Not only do such luxury resorts partake in the $20 Trick, but budget-friendly locations such as Treasure Island and Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) are also known to provide upgraded rooms this way. Certainly worth a $20 gamble!

Visiting Las Vegas can be exciting, but unfortunately paying resort fees is unavoidable. Unless you happen to be a big gambler, your chances of getting out of resort fees are almost non-existent. There are limited special discounts available for some resorts, but that doesn’t offer much solace for the average visitor. One solution people have fallen back on recently is the $20 Trick, but it doesn’t really work anymore. For those looking for a more definitive way around paying extra charges, then your best bet is to stay at either Casino Royale, Binion’s, or Four Queens where resort fees don’t apply.

Las Vegas is a place that rewards generous tippers, so even if you’re trying the $20 Trick to potentially get an upgrade at your hotel, it’s helpful to be prepared to hand out a few extra bucks – 20 Dollar Trick or not. Cash may always be king in Sin City, but being loose with gratuities is an amazing way to open the door to unique experiences and opportunities. Unfortunately, those who are tight with their tips often miss out on wonderful extras. Being good tippers in Vegas can go a long way!

Hotels in Las Vegas are well aware of their massive selection of rooms, and often upgrade guests at their own discretion with the $20 Trick. This involves asking the receptionist for an upgrade upon check-in, putting $20 on the counter, and politely requesting a better room – usually with great success! Such upgrades might range from a better view to luxury suites; all depending on how busy the hotel is that day. Not only does this benefit the customer by getting more for their money. All in all, this $20 Trick is a win-win situation for both hotels and customers anxious to really enjoy their Las Vegas experience!

If you’re looking for a free upgrade for your hotel room, the $20 Trick can be an effective way to get one. The $20 Trick works by slipping a $20 dollar bill folded into a sheet of paper with your request when you check-in. Hotel employees often have discretion over upgrades, and this little trick may provide the extra incentive they need to give you a complimentary upgrade. Keep in mind that this works best at cheaper hotels and usually yields the best results if done politely and discretely.