Learn How To Do The $20 Dollar Trick in Las Vegas

Step 1

Put $20 Between Your Credit Card & ID before check-in

Step 2

Hand the $20 Sandwich to the front desk agent

Step 3

Ask if a "Complimentary upgrade" is available

Best Hotels for the $20 Trick

Caesars Palace

92% Success Rate


92% Success Rate

Planet Hollywood

91% Success Rate

Treasure Island

91% Success Rate


89% Success Rate


88% Success Rate


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$20 Trick FAQ

Yes! The $20 Dollar Trick still works in Las Vegas in 2021. You only need to do three things to receive a free room upgrade. First, before you walk up to the check-in desk, put a $20 bill in between your credit card and ID. Second, be kind to your front desk representative. Third, ask, “Are there any complimentary room upgrades available?” That’s it. 

Frequently, if the hotel has an upgrade, the front desk clerk will keep the $20. If they don’t have a free room upgrade for you, they may offer other offers like free early check-in, free late check-out, or return the $20 to you. 

Some hotels are more accommodating to the $20 Trick than others. Our website has a guide for every hotel in Las Vegas with success/failure rates, stories from visitors like you, and additional information, so your first $20 bet in Las Vegas is a winner.

The $20 Dollar sandwich trick is a Las Vegas secret of getting free room upgrades and complimentary offers from the hotel. The trick gets its name because you fold a $20 bill small enough to be sandwiched between your credit card and ID. 

What you need to do:

  1. Put a $20 bill between (“sandwich”) your credit card and identification so the bill can’t be seen and hand it to the front desk clerk at check-in.
  2. Ask the clerk, “Are there any complimentary room upgrades available?”
  3. Enjoy the glamorous results!

In most cases, if the hotel doesn’t have an upgrade, they will return the $20 tip to you. On our site, you will find guides to each hotel in Las Vegas and which hotels have the highest success rate. 

Absolutely! In Las Vegas, the $20 Dollar Trick or $20 Dollar Sandwich is a popular way to try to snag an incredible room upgrade.

The $20 Trick is the Vegas insiders’ way of tipping their front desk clerk and letting them know you would like a comped room upgrade. 

For example, we once booked an entry-level room at Planet Hollywood for $49/night. At check-in, we used the $20 Dollar Trick to receive a free upgrade to a Wraparound Suite with stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains, Eiffel Tower, and The Strip. The listed price of the suite was $550/night during our stay. 

It was an incredible experience and made us feel like VIPs.

While your hotel may not offer such an extravagant upgrade, site visitors have received benefits like early check-ins during huge events, upgraded views, and even complimentary buffet passes and drinks. 

The easiest way to get a complimentary hotel room upgrade in Las Vegas is to use the $20 Trick! Sandwich a $20 bill between your ID and credit card and hand it to your front desk attendant at check-in. Ask them if there are complimentary hotel room upgrades, and watch them go to work!

We have received comped suites, upgrades to Strip views, free buffets, early check-ins, and more. 

The $20 Trick is the best first gamble for every visitor in Las Vegas. But it doesn’t always work. Be polite and confident. What happens next can be incredible.

Sort of, some hotels have policies that will waive a night or two of resort fees upon request at check-out. Some vacationers had reported that using the $20 Trick resulted in waived resort fees when a room upgrade wasn’t available.

The truth is it doesn’t hurt to ask kindly and grease the palms of your front desk clerk with some cash. But please, if the clerk says they can’t waive the fees, be kind to them because it’s not their choice.

Yes! Even in 2021, the $20 Dollar Trick works in Las Vegas. The fact is that cash is king in Vegas. Many front desk employees were financially devastated by COVID-19 in Vegas. Your front desk clerk will do everything in their power to find a comp for you so they can keep the tip.

Some hotels aren’t so giving. Read our hotel guides to see which properties have a high success rate. In most cases, if the hotel doesn’t have a reasonable $20 Dollar Trick policy, the clerk will hand your tip back to you.

If you want to try using the sandwich trick, simply fold a $20 bill and hide it on the inside of your credit card and identification. Hand the card sandwich to your front desk attendant and ask politely “if there are any complimentary upgrades available” and see if the magic happens.

There are many ways to get free room upgrades in Las Vegas. The simplest way is to use the $20 Dollar Trick at check-in. Simply fold a $20 bill, stick it between your ID and credit card and hand it to your front desk representative. Ask your representative if they “have any complimentary room upgrades available?” 

Most of the time, it’s the best $20 you’ll spend in Las Vegas.

Other ways to get free room upgrades include gambling (a lot) at the casino or contacting a host before your trip. 

Yes, of course! Vegas is in the hospitality business. They want to treat you like a VIP. Asking for a room upgrade doesn’t always work. We recommend greasing the palms of your front desk clerk with a $20 bill. 

Stick the bill in-between your ID and credit card and hand the sandwich to your front desk clerk at check-in. Ask for a complimentary room upgrade and watch them try to find you something special. 

It’s possible to get a free upgrade without the $20 Trick. However, most of the time, the hotel clerk will offer a room upgrade with additional costs added to your bill.

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Before checking into your hotel, put a $20 bill between your ID and Credit Card. Hand the sandwich to the front dest agent and ask for a complimentary upgrade.

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Recent $20 Trick Stories

August 27, 2021
by Luis

Estimated Savings: $450

There were a couple of people in front of me in the check-in line, so I didn’t really target a front desk agent. I just went with the next available one. It was around 1 p.m. (check-in is at 3, but I gave it a shot).

I did the $20 sandwich. As soon as the front desk lady saw it, she smiled, put the bill on the counter, and told me that she was going to see what she could do for me. She then asked if I was celebrating anything, but she looked at my ID and saw my birthday was the next day, so she immediately grabbed the phone called someone to get approval for a birthday, and it was approved.

I was shocked from excitement, she did say something about the upgrade, but I didn’t really know how big of an upgrade was until I got in the room. This was my first try, and I’m always doing this. FYI I made a reservation thru the Hyatt using points.

August 17, 2021
by Nikki

Estimated Savings: $1,600+

We got to the Venetian at 9:00 pm last Tuesday. I couldn’t target a specific counter employee, as they were taking who was next in line. My 19-year-old son knew what I was doing and was amused the entire time. We walked to the counter, and the young woman asked for my ID and credit card. I handed them to her with a $20 sandwiched between the two and asked if they had any complimentary room upgrades available. She peeked at the $20 and very politely asked if I needed change; I said no, and she smiled and said she’d see what was available.

Because I’d booked through a 3rd party site and had read that The Venetian can’t do upgrades, I was hoping for a really high floor with a great view… maybe some restaurant vouchers? But a minute later, she showed me some pictures on an iPad and asked what I thought of the room. I thought she was kidding. It was MONSTROUS. She said she’d have to move us next door to the Palazzo, was that ok? I said yes and thanked her.

Honestly, it was TOO huge… But the trip was a surprise for my son (who’s heading back to college next week), and he was beyond thrilled. It truly was unreal, like something you’d see in a movie. The original room I booked was a generous 650 square ft. This was 1500 square feet with an additional 400 square foot private terrace, complete with seating for 8-12 and a huge stone fireplace. One king bed (which was fine, she asked), two bathrooms, living room, dining room, bar, office area, walk-in closet, remote control drapes, etc. It was nuts.

I like to laze in bed and watch television at night, but the tv was too far from the bed, so I had to sprawl out on one of the two full-size couches in the living room. As far as complaints go… Yeah, not bad!

Next time I’d probably ask for a higher floor and food freebies because it was SO BIG it was kind of ridiculous…lol 🙂 Or I’ll have to bring 20 of my closest friends and really make use of the space!

August 16, 2021
by Pat

I slipped the front desk employee a $20, and we were moved to the 27th floor with an excellent view of the strip. Very worthwhile

August 8, 2021
by John

Estimated Savings: $45/night

I gave the front desk receptionist $20, to which the male stated that I didn’t need to hand it like a sandwich ”it’s normal here.” He placed us on a 34th-floor standard king facing the fountains.

July 14, 2021
by Antonio

I looked for the hustler guy I knew would be in the game. Check-in was at 3:00 pm; I checked in around 4:30 pm. He handed over the sandwich when he asked for ID and credit card and then asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. The clerk quickly responded with, let me see what I can do as the $20 bill quickly and magically disappeared somewhere. The clerk moved me to the 35th floor with a Strip and pool view.

July 11, 2021
by Clay

Estimated Savings: $300

At check-in, I didn’t target a specific clerk. When asked for id and credit card, I had put $50 in between and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. The clerk said thank you and asked if we were celebrating anything special. I told him it was our first trip to Vegas and our 20th anniversary. He said there was an upgrade and told me to hold on for a second. He talked to someone for a minute. He returned and said he was doing something special for us and upgraded us to a King Suite at the Palazzo on the 38th floor with a strip view. He said it was normally $75 more a night but waived those fees. A great anniversary and a great first trip to Las Vegas!

July 10, 2021
by John

Estimated Savings: $400+

When checking in, I handed the clerk $40 and asked if it was possible to get an upgrade. They comped us the VIP Suite!

June 20, 2021
by Breanna

Estimated Savings: $200+

We checked in at the front desk at 11 am. I gave her my card, ID, and the $20. I asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. We were one of few that didn’t have to wait for a room to be ready, and we got a view of The Strip. At checkout, as luck would have it, I checked out with the same employee. I thanked her for the amazing view from the room. She comped our bikini bar bill, which was around $200! Overall I was very pleased!

April 25, 2021
by Isaac

Estimated Savings: $100

Isaac tried the $20 Trick at Golden Nugget and got a nice upgrade from the Carson Tower to the Rush Tower.

“I walked up to the first clerk available, who was a man in his 30’s. While checking in, I gave him a $20 sandwiched and asked if there was an available upgrade. He immediately found us a bigger room in the newer tower with a Strip view. I’m so happy I found this site before our trip.”

April 15, 2021
by Latiesha

Here’s a twist, Latiesha used the $20 Trick at Venetian and got a better room in the Palazzo. The $20 tip got her a nice upgrade that saved her a couple of hundred dollars.

“I went to Vegas the week of April 15th through 18th. I booked to stay at The Venetian. Their standard rooms are pretty much all the same. I approached the front desk to check in, had middle age clerk, still young and vibrant. I slipped him my cards with the twenty. He looked down, and I asked about the upgrades. He said thank you and proceeded to put me in a newer renovated room with brighter colors, a larger living room, and electric curtains. It was beautiful. In comparison to my other friend’s room, mine was the spot. I called it Club 37. We were on the 37th floor instead of the 5th, and the views were amazing.”