February 3, 2019
by Tom

Tom Asked For A Suite on Super Bowl Weekend

Tom made a big ask on Super Bowl Weekend at Bellagio. These kinds of asks generally only work during the slow season.

“I came in on a late Friday night for Super Bowl weekend. I couldn’t target any clerk because there was no line-up. My clerk was a man in his mid-30’s. I first put a $100.00 bill on the counter to make sure that he saw it, and then I gave my passport and credit card. Then I ask him if there were any complimentary upgrades? The upgrade that I was looking for was a Bellagio Suite, and I told him that if he can do it, I will tip him $100.00 bucks. He said that he could not give me a comp upgrade to a Bellagio Suite. Then I asked if he can give a complimentary upgrade to a Salone Suite instead? He said that it would cost me $75.00 per night. I told him that I was looking for that. He said the best he could do for me is a Strip View, but it would still be a Resort King room. Then I asked him if there was any Fountain View? He said that all Fountain View Resort King Rooms were sold out. At this point, I took his offer for the Strip View that was on the 15th Floor. But I took back my $100.00 and gave him $20.00 instead. I have done this $20.00 trick before. I learned that you should only tip max $20.00 on a same room size with a better view. Only tip $100.00 or more if they can give you a suite or better.”

Tom attempted to do something that is near impossible on holidays and big event weekends, ask for a big upgrade from a standard room. This takes guts. Most front desk clerks won’t respond well to this kind of request because their hands are tied by the powers that be.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Resort King
Upgraded Room:
Premier Fountain View

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