$20 Trick at The LINQ & Free Hotel Upgrades In 2023

$20 Trick at The LINQ

The LINQ is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a great hotel in Las Vegas that won’t break the bank. It’s one of the best cheap hotels on The Strip.

Located on The Strip, this hotel offers all the amenities and features of more expensive hotels at a fraction of the cost.

$20 Trick at The LINQ

$20 Trick at The LINQ

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The LINQ in Las Vegas is a vibrant hotel and experience in the heart of the Strip, offering gaming, dining venues, shopping, entertainment and nightlife.


  • Conveniently located in the heart of the Strip, allowing easy access to all Las Vegas attractions
  • On-site casino with plenty of gaming options
  • Multiple on-site dining options, including popular restaurants like Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar
  • Direct access to the LINQ Promenade, which features shopping, entertainment, and nightlife venues


  • Some reviews mention that rooms can be noisy
  • Some guests have reported slow service

The rooms are comfortable and modern, with USB charging ports and plenty of natural light. Plus, you’ll get access to a pool and other common areas.

The LINQ is ideal for young people who want an energetic casino hotel in the middle of The Strip.

The LINQ is home to Mat Franco, regarded as the best family-friendly show in Las Vegas.

One downside is that some rooms can be noisy due to their location, but overall it’s still an excellent value for your money.

Plus, there’s also a daily resort fee which can add up if you stay for an extended time.

All in all, we’d rate The LINQ 3/5 stars. It’s affordable if you’re looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas without spending too much money.

So if you’re 20-something looking for a great hotel experience in Las Vegas without breaking the bank, The LINQ is definitely worth checking out!

Does the $20 trick work at The LINQ?

Yes, the $20 Trick works at The LINQ, with a 75% success rate.

The $20 Trick is a great way to get free upgraded rooms, complimentary food and drink, and other perks at The LINQ. All you need is a $20 bill, and some confidence, and you can potentially get a great deal.

When checking in to your hotel room at The LINQ, sandwich your $20 bill between your driver’s license and credit card when handing them over to the front desk clerk.

It’s essential to be polite and confident when doing this trick. If it works, you could be upgraded to a suite or receive other perks like free food or drinks.

Additionally, while most people have succeeded with this trick in Las Vegas, there are no guarantees that it will work every time.

Overall, the $20 Trick is an easy way to potentially get great deals at The LINQ. With some luck and confidence, you could get a fantastic upgrade or other perks for just $20!


The $20 trick is a great way to get free upgraded rooms, complimentary food and drink, and other perks. All you need is a $20 bill, some confidence, and a little bit of luck. When checking in to The LINQ, simply slip the $20 bill to the desk attendant while asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available – such as bigger rooms with a nicer view – and then wait to see what they offer you in return. Read how to do the $20 Trick so you have the best chance of success. This allows savvy travelers to enjoy luxurious amenities without breaking the bank and can make the difference between an average stay and an amazing one.

According to our user reviews, The LINQ has a 75% success rate.