The $20 Trick Still Works

$20 Trick in Las Vegas

The $20 Trick still works. But it has changed. 

Years ago, stories of incredible complimentary upgrades to penthouse suites were more common. But as corporations bought more properties on The Strip, things began to change.

Why The $20 Trick Doesn’t Work

There are a lot of reasons why the $20 Trick doesn’t work like it once did. The primary culprit is that front desk agents are paid commissions on room upgrades. Those commissions are more than $20. 

Another reason is front desk agents are limited in the number of upgrades they’re allowed to hand out to hotel guests. 

If you book with a third-party company, most hotels can only upsell you an upgrade and not provide comps.

Weekends are jam-packed, especially after the COVID-19 shutdown. Trying the $20 Trick at busy times will decrease the odds of an upgrade happening.

If your stay is longer than two or three nights, the $20 Trick probably won’t work. Complimentary upgrades are dependent on room availability.

If you aren’t polite to the front desk agent, they are less likely to help you get a free upgrade. We have heard from front desk agents how entitled people feel using the $20 Trick. Don’t be rude.

What To Expect From The $20 Trick In 2021

Yes, the $20 trick still works, but limit your expectations. 

You should expect to lose your $20. If the $20 Trick works, you should expect an upgrade to a room with a better view. That’s about it.

Tips For A Successful $20 Trick

The most successful stories are from short 2-3 night stays during the week when the hotel has more suites available.

If you’re staying at a nice property like Aria, Wynn, or Cosmopolitan, your $20 is less than the commission the front desk agent makes. Try $50 or $100 and be specific with the type of room you are looking for.

The $20 Trick is most successful at budget-friendly hotels like Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, and Harrah’s.

Always book directly with the hotel, or they can’t upgrade you.

Be polite. Your front desk agent will see a lot of guests the day you arrive. Being friendly and authentic is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, we recommend being straightforward with the room you want. Asking for a complimentary upgrade isn’t enough. Ask for the suite or room you’re after. While it may not change the outcome, if successful, you will get precisely what you want.

Yes, The $20 Trick Still Works

A complimentary upgrade to a room with a better view is a reasonable expectation. 

Your $20 Trick experience’s success or failure depends on when you come to Las Vegas, how long you are visiting, and where you stay.

Check out the hotel page to see the success and failure of every hotel in Las Vegas.We believe you should always try the $20 Trick. Once you do, share your experience with us, and we’ll share it with everyone here on

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