$20 Trick at Sahara & Free Hotel Upgrades In 2023



March 24, 2023
$20 Trick at Sahara

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Are you looking for a cheap hotel on The Strip in Las Vegas? Look no further than the Sahara Hotel and Casino.

This hotel is located right on the famous Las Vegas Strip, and it’s much cheaper than other hotels in the area.

$20 Trick at Sahara

$20 Trick at Sahara

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Sahara in Las Vegas is a budget-friendly hotel located right on the famous Strip.


  • Affordable rates compared to other hotels on The Strip
  • Spacious rooms with modern amenities
  • Expansive outdoor pools, gourmet restaurants, and spa and wellness center


  • Some reports of outdated decor in certain areas of the hotel
  • Poor location on the North Strip

When you stay at the Sahara, you’ll get a private room with all the comforts of home. The rooms are spacious and clean and come with all the amenities you’d expect from a hotel.

Plus, there’s an expansive outdoor pool, gourmet restaurants, and a spa and wellness center to enjoy during your stay.

The best part about staying at the Sahara is that it’s so much cheaper than other hotels on The Strip.

You can get great deals on rooms if you book early enough – some rooms are even available for as low as $50 per night!

Overall, we’d rate this hotel 2.5/5 stars due to its lower quality than other Las Vegas hotels. However, suppose you’re looking for an affordable place to stay while visiting The Strip. In that case, the Sahara Hotel and Casino is definitely worth considering.

We are reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Does the $20 trick work at Sahara?

Yes, the $20 Trick works at Sahara and is a great way to get free upgraded rooms, complimentary food and drink, and other perks.

The trick involves sandwiching a $20 bill between your driver’s license and credit card when checking into the hotel. While it may seem like a long shot, our users report that the $20 Trick works 80% of the time at Sahara!

It’s worth trying if you’re looking for an upgrade or Yessome extra perks. All you need is a little confidence and some cash.

If you’re lucky, you could have a better room than what you paid for or even some free meals or drinks. So why not give it a go?

The $20 Trick at Sahara is worth trying if you want an upgrade or extra perks. Our users have reported that it works 80% of the time, so there’s a good chance it will work out in your favor!

How does Sahara compare to other Vegas hotels?

$20 Trick at Resorts World

Resorts World

$20 Trick Success Rate – 50%

Resorts World Las Vegas is the perfect place to experience luxury and indulge in an unforgettable stay on The Strip.

$20 Trick at The STRAT


$20 Trick Success Rate – 55%

The STRAT in Las Vegas offers an exciting experience with its iconic tower, amenities and entertainment options.

$20 Trick at Circus Circus

Circus Circus

$20 Trick Success Rate – 85%

Circus Circus is a cheap, old hotel on the north end of The Strip that has lots of family-friendly amenities.


The $20 trick is a great way to get free upgraded rooms, complimentary food and drink, and other perks. All you need is a $20 bill, some confidence, and a little bit of luck. When checking in to Sahara, simply slip the $20 bill to the desk attendant while asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available – such as bigger rooms with a nicer view – and then wait to see what they offer you in return. Read how to do the $20 Trick so you have the best chance of success. This allows savvy travelers to enjoy luxurious amenities without breaking the bank and can make the difference between an average stay and an amazing one.

According to our user reviews, Sahara has a 80% success rate.