October 20, 2019
by Oscar

Oscar Tried $100 Trick at Aria, Snubs Front Desk Agent of Tip

Oscar shares a story about how she tried a $100 Trick for a 4-night stay at Aria.

“We were staying for 4 nights with a discounted price of $69 a night plus resort fee as a Mlife offer. We went to the Mlife Gold check-in area. Since we stayed 4 nights, we decided to take a chance with $100 for a suite upgrade. We gave ID, credit card, Mlife gold card, and $100 sandwiched to a 30ish-year-old woman. She promptly put the money on the keyboard and said, ‘let me see what I can do.’ Before check-in, I checked online if the suites are available and all of them were still available. After searching from a computer for a minute or 2, she said she can upgrade us to strip view, which we didn’t get excited about. We asked if she can do a Sky Suite or Corner Suite. She then checked with the manager and said we could upgrade you with a $100 a night fee. Then we declined and asked for the original room. She said fine but kept $100, which I thought was not right. I said, ‘I appreciate your help would like to change the initial money I gave you’ and took out $20 from my wallet. She then became unhappy and returned the $100. Then I gave $20, but she refused and said she couldn’t take it. The regular room was not bad, but I decided not to try with $100 again.”

This story from Oscar has a few red flags. First, if you have asked for a complimentary upgrade, then refuse the upgrade and ask for a different room, you have left the boundaries of the $20 Trick tradition. Second, the agent offered the room Oscar wanted for an additional $100/night. That’s only $300 more than what Oscar-tipped and is actually a great deal. Asking for the tip back is a big no-no. If you aren’t willing to lose the tip, you shouldn’t do it.

Tipped: $100
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room

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