April 7, 2019
by Mike

Mike Asked For A Suite, But Only Upgraded To A Better View

Mike asked for a suite at Bellagio with the $20 Trick. He got a small upgrade to a higher floor but ultimately failed to get a suite.

“I gave $20 to a very nice front desk woman. I reserved a king room with a fountain view. I asked for a free suite upgrade. She went to talk to her boss for a few minutes. She came back and said no suites were available, but she will give me a higher floor so I can see the fountain better. I took back the $20 and gave her $10 instead and thanked her for trying.”

While some people choose to downsize their tip after failing to get the room they want, we feel its best to just let the clerk have the $20 anyway. Especially if the clerk has called her manager. It wasn’t their choice to not upgrade you.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Premier Fountain View

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