December 6, 2019
by Matthew

Matthew Got A Bellagio Fountain View Upgrade

Here’s an awesome upgrade from Matthew. He booked a Standard Resort King Room at Bellagio was upgraded to a high-level Fountain View Room with the $20 Trick.

“I didn’t target anyone, just took the next clerk available. We were there quite early, maybe 09:30 AM, and the desk was quiet. She was charming, I slipped $20 between our passports and debit card, and as I handed them to her, I asked, “Are there any complimentary upgrades available, please?” she put the money to one side. After some tapping on her keyboard, she advised that she could move us to the 23rd floor with a full fountain view. My wife and I were happy with this as I had only booked a resort King, presumably somewhere at the back of the hotel, and the fountain view was incredible, definitely worth 20 bucks!”

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Resort King
Upgraded Room:
Premier Fountain View

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