April 15, 2021
by Latiesha

Latiesha Used The $20 Trick at Venetian, Got A Palazzo Suite

Here’s a twist, Latiesha used the $20 Trick at Venetian and got a better room in the Palazzo. The $20 tip got her a nice upgrade that saved her a couple of hundred dollars.

“I went to Vegas the week of April 15th through 18th. I booked to stay at The Venetian. Their standard rooms are pretty much all the same. I approached the front desk to check in, had middle age clerk, still young and vibrant. I slipped him my cards with the twenty. He looked down, and I asked about the upgrades. He said thank you and proceeded to put me in a newer renovated room with brighter colors, a larger living room, and electric curtains. It was beautiful. In comparison to my other friend’s room, mine was the spot. I called it Club 37. We were on the 37th floor instead of the 5th, and the views were amazing.”

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Standard King Suite (Venetian)
Upgraded Room:
Palazzo King Suite

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