May 25, 2019
by Jason

Jason’s Holiday Weekend Upgrade at the Bellagio

Even on Memorial Day Weekend, Bellagio provided Jason a complimentary upgrade with the $20 Trick.

“We arrived around 4:30 pm, and we weren’t able to “target” a clerk. I actually tipped $25, intending to tip $5 if she at least tried. I asked about an upgrade with a view of the strip/fountain. She immediately got on the phone with her manager to let us know she could get us into a higher floor strip view with a “partial” fountain view. Our room, in fact, can view the entire fountain/lake, but from an angle. Also, the Paris and Eiffel Tower is directly outside. Still a great room, and well worth the $25.”

Tipped: $25
Original Room Booked:
Resort King
Upgraded Room:
Premier Fountain View

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