August 15, 2019
by Estevane

Incredible Suite Upgrade for Estevane with the $20 Trick at Bally’s

Estavane used the $20 Trick at Bally’s to get an incredible suite upgrade. From the standard Jubilee Room to a Jubilee Grand Suite that saved Estavane over $800! WOW! That’s an incredible upgrade.

“We checked in around 3:00 pm on a Wednesday, and the line wasn’t long at all. I handed him the sandwich, and the guy squeals, ‘Oh, what do we have here?’ I was upfront with him and told him that I ‘had goodies for him,’ and he said, ‘hold up,’ and walked into a room. He came back and apologized for being gone so long. He started typing furiously and said he had an Executive Suite available for us at no extra charge. He was so polite and funny, making small talk. We slipped him an additional $20 after the transaction was complete because he was such a great guy and so grateful for the tip.”

Tipped: $40
Estimated Savings: $820
Original Room Booked:
Jubilee Room
Upgraded Room:
Jubilee Grand Suite

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