April 13, 2019
by Ilya

Ilya Tried $20 Trick at Aria With No Luck

Ilya shares a relatively common $20 Trick story from Aria.

“I arrived on Friday at noon. I saw a young woman, and I handed her the $20 Trick. She immediately said, ‘I don’t want to get fired. If you like my service, you are free to tip.’ She didn’t upgrade me. I asked if there are any complimentary tickets or other perks. She said ‘No.'”

There are a couple potential reasons the front desk agent said this to Ilya. The most likely is that the agent had already used their monthly quota for upgrades or was a new employee. We appreciate honest employees and would tip them for their help regardless of outcome.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room

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