April 25, 2019
by Erik

Erik Used the $20 Trick at Aria That Led To A Massive Discount

Erik tried the $20 Trick at Aria, which led to a highly-discounted upgrade to an incredible Corner Panoramic Suite.

“We checked in early at about 12:00 pm. There was already quite a queue—staff directed us to a friendly lady at about mid-twenties. We knew getting a complimentary upgrade at the Aria was not easy, but we tried it anyway. Put my ID, credit card, and $20 on the counter. I started a friendly chat and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. Because it was busy, she said there was none, but there was a paid upgrade possible from the Deluxe King Room we had to a Corner Suite with a panoramic view. Normally this upgrade would be a $175/night extra, but she could offer it to us for $90/night. We hesitated a bit, and she asked us if she needed to try to get some more discount. ‘Sure,’ we said, and she went away to talk to a manager. After a few minutes, she returned and said for a $70/night extra, we could have the room but had to wait for a little before the room was ready. This was ok by us. She took the $20 and directed us to a private lounge for suites and above with separate check-in and complimentary coffee, tea, and some other drinks and light snacks. After about half an hour, the suite was ready, and it was really worth the extra bucks. What a nice room! A panoramic view when you sit in your bubble bath at night drinking a beer and overlooking Las Vegas is priceless. Glad we made the extra investment.”

The $20 Trick is about getting upgrades. This story from Erik is fantastic! They got a great discount on a big upgrade because of a $20 tip. While it may not have been a free upgrade, it’s a lot lower than the list price. Erik was able to enjoy an amazing upgrade, which is especially nice after a long journey from Europe.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room
Upgraded Room:
Corner Panoramic Suite

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