$20 Trick at Encore at Wynn & Free Hotel Upgrades In 2023



March 24, 2023
$20 Trick at Encore

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You’ve heard the buzz about the $20 trick that can get you a room upgrade at hotels around the world. But is it true? Does it work at one of Las Vegas’ best luxury resorts, Encore at Wynn Las Vegas? Read on to find out how you can use this strategy to get an upgrade for your stay in Sin City.

$20 Trick at Encore

$20 Trick at Encore

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Encore in Las Vegas is an award-winning, all-suite, 5-star resort offering luxurious accommodations and unique amenities.


  • Luxury: Encore is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.
  • Amenities: The selection of world-class restaurants, bars, entertainment, and amenities is unmatched.
  • Casino: It has a wonderful casino full of life and energy.


  • Price: It’s very expensive, especially on weekends.
  • Location: It’s on the north end of The Strip.

The $20 trick is a strategy that some savvy travelers have used for years to get upgraded rooms or amenities without spending extra money. It involves slipping a cashier or desk clerk a bill—usually $20—when checking into a hotel and asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available. If done correctly, you may end up getting an upgraded room with better views, more space, or other amenities.

We are reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Does the $20 trick work at Encore?

Encore offers some of the best luxury accommodations in Las Vegas and it stands to reason that they may be reluctant to offer upgrades via the $20 trick. However, according to our users, Encore has seen success with this trick 77% of the time – making it one of their most successful locations! While this may not seem like a huge number, keep in mind that this is an extremely popular hotel and they may be less likely to offer free upgrades than other properties.

$20 may not cut it in such an upscale hotel as Encore. If you want your best chance of scoring an upgrade here, we recommend trying a larger bill—like $50 or even $100—at check-in and asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available. Keep in mind though that even if you do get lucky and score an upgrade, it’s likely to be relatively minor—think a small view upgrade rather than a suite upgrade!

The bottom line is that while there isn’t any guarantee that the $20 trick will work when checking into Encore at Wynn Las Vegas—or any other hotel, for that matter—it may still be worth your while to give it a try. After all, if you don’t ask, you won’t know! And who knows…you just might end up with an upgraded room without spending extra money during your stay in one of the world’s most luxurious destinations!

How does Encore compare to other Vegas hotels?

Encore absolutely lives up to its billing as one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. From its sophisticated decor and amenities to its onsite casino, this property is a five-star destination. It rivals equally glamorous sister properties like the Cosmopolitan and Palazzo as well as Wynn, which offers a similar level of luxury and class. While it may be difficult to choose between the lovely offerings from Encore, the Cosmopolitan and Palazzo, or Wynn, each one promises a memorable experience in one of the world’s most thrilling locations.

$20 Trick at Wynn


$20 Trick Success Rate – 85%

Wynn Las Vegas is a luxurious oasis in the heart of Sin City that offers guests a best-of-everything experience.

$20 Trick at Cosmopolitan


$20 Trick Success Rate – 55%

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas combines contemporary luxury and classic sophistication, featuring an upscale casino and dining options.

$20 Trick at Palazzo


$20 Trick Success Rate – 90%

Palazzo in Las Vegas is an opulent Italian-inspired hotel located on the iconic Strip, where couples can enjoy luxurious amenities and a romantic getaway.


The $20 trick is a great way to get free upgraded rooms, complimentary food and drink, and other perks. All you need is a $20 bill, some confidence, and a little bit of luck. When checking in to Encore, simply slip the $20 bill to the desk attendant while asking if there are any complimentary upgrades available – such as bigger rooms with a nicer view – and then wait to see what they offer you in return. Read how to do the $20 Trick so you have the best chance of success. This allows savvy travelers to enjoy luxurious amenities without breaking the bank and can make the difference between an average stay and an amazing one.

According to our user reviews, Encore has a 77% success rate.