May 11, 2019
by Drew

Drew Used The $20 Trick at Aria, Upgraded To Strip View for 5 Nights

Drew used the $20 Trick at Aria for a five-night stay. He arrived late and the front desk agent was able to provide a small upgrade for the course of his stay.

“I didn’t target any particular clerk, as we arrived so late in the evening (we arrived somewhere between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm), and we had booked a five-night stay. I had my doubts that we would get upgraded, but the young lady who checked us in after a very brief wait in line was very courteous and asked us what room we typically stay in, to which I replied something to the effect of ‘we take what we can get.’ We were offered the strip view upgrade without much fuss. When there was a minor issue with the room we were placed in, they offered to move us to another room but wouldn’t upgrade us further and only had one other strip view room for our long stay duration. They fixed the problem, and we were offered a complimentary food/drink voucher for $50.”

Something to consider when you use the $20 Trick is the length of stay. Five nights is a long time for a hotel to offer a guest a room for free. An offseason or weekday stay will certainly help, but it’s uncommon to see big upgrades for more than two or three night stays.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room
Upgraded Room:
Deluxe City View Room

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