January 22, 2019
by David

David Used $20 Trick at Aria, Upgraded to Tower Suite

David and his brother got a big upgrade using the $20 Trick at Aria.

“I booked regular Deluxe King Room. As I was with my brother, I asked at the reception if it would be possible to get two queen beds instead of a king bed. The clerk started calling somewhere. It took him like 5 minutes. In between, he asked if we were staying just one night. We confirmed that. It was a little confusing, as he said that he could get us one of Sky Suites. We went to separate elevators, where the Sky Suites are located. Our room was on floor 54. The key cards, the room’s door, and accessories in the room (such as toiletries, note pads, pens, etc.) said Sky Suites. The room was just slightly bigger than the regular Deluxe Room but was decorated as Sky Suite. It also had a nice strip view. I was trying to find the room online, but they aren’t offering it there. I don’t really know what exactly we got upgraded to, but most certainly it wasn’t regular Deluxe Queen.”

It’s most likely that David got an entry-level tower suite room, a pretty awesome upgrade with the $20 Trick.

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room
Upgraded Room:
Tower Suite

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