October 24, 2019
by Brian

Brian Tried The $50 Trick, But Booking Through Third-Party Caused Problems

Brian shares how using $50 at Aria didn’t work. He noted that he used a third-party booking website. This is a problem. A lot of companies can’t provide free upgrades if you don’t book directly.

“I booked through a third-party website, probably a mistake. I picked a pleasant lady, aged about 45. I checked in around 8:00 pm. Suites were showing available for the entire stay. She put the fifty on the counter, then made a few calls. Said there was nothing she could do, handed the 50 back. I tried giving her ten bucks for the effort, and she said that was ok. All she could do was give me a room slightly higher up.”

Tipped: $50
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room

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