March 17, 2020
by Bon

Bon Got A Suite Upgrade With The $20 Trick At Bally’s

Bon used the $20 Trick at Bally’s and got a major upgrade for free. From a standard Jubilee Room to an incredible suite. What an incredible upgrade!

“Around 11:45 pm on a Saturday, I arrived at Bally’s. I had some information from a few friends that this $20 sandwich really goes a long way. The clerk looked fairly young, and I thought she would definitely help me out in my mind. She took my ID and credit card, and I quickly mentioned that if she could wave her magic wand and give me an amazing upgrade, I would be thrilled. She said, ‘Let me see what I can find available.’ She checked, and by my lucky stars, the celebrity suite was available! Cha-Ching! It went from having a normal room with no view to a Celebrity Suite. Definitely worth it!”

Tipped: $20
Estimated Savings: $275
Original Room Booked:
Jubilee Room
Upgraded Room:
Jubilee Celebrity Suite

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