September 7, 2019
by Blake

Blake Didn’t Get A Room Upgrade, But The $20 Trick Paid Off

Blake shares a story about why you should always try the $20 trick, regardless of how busy or what time of day it is. Blake was checking into the Bellagio late in the night, despite a big conference and an overbooked hotel, the $20 Trick paid off.

“I probably had everything going against me. My flight was delayed, so we didn’t check in until 9 pm. The front desk clerk immediately handed the $20 sandwich back to me and said they are fully booked with a conference. We didn’t even get our original king room. Instead, we got two queens. He gave us $50 food and beverage credit to make up for it. Fine by me since he gave me the $20 back.”

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Resort King

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