December 15, 2019
by John

A Small Upgrade for John at Aria

John shares about his room upgrade at Aria, albeit a modest upgrade, not a bad result at a high-end property during a 3-night stay.

“A younger male greeted us, and I had my $20 sandwiched between my driver’s license and credit card. After he took the stack and set it by his keyboard, I asked, “Do you have any comp upgrades available?” to which he started typing and replied, ‘let me see what I can find.’ We went from the regular room to the ‘City View,’ so it wasn’t a fabulous upgrade by any means but paying an extra $20 for 3 nights to get a better view seemed worth it to me.”

Tipped: $20
Original Room Booked:
Deluxe Room
Upgraded Room:
Deluxe Room City View

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